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More snow and more cold temperatures here. *sigh* But that doesn't mean there is no gardening going on.

We salvaged some old windows from the neighbors barn (with permission of course.) We will be turning these into cold frames. We are not exactly sure what will be done, but the tentative plan is to raise them up with cinder blocks, fill with dirt and attach the glass panes with a removable hinge. Any suggestions?

I am trying a little sheet composting to create some more growing space around our newest building. If this works, it will be the easiest garden beds I've ever made. I'm not exactly sure what will be planted here. The area will only get partial shade. I'd love to plant something edible and climbing on the fence for the chickens.

The growing fertilizer pile, and the potato tires. We are hoping that the third time is a charm for our potatoes after finally figuring out what the problems was the first two years.

Tomatoes are once again growing in my tub. There are peppers too. Last year I used a lot of toilet paper roll seed starters. I liked these when I first started the seeds, but as the plants grew I wasn't as happy with these containers. They seemed to wick the water away, and I had a hard time keeping the plants moist enough. Also I had to be careful that the tubes weren't touching or mold growth was a problem. This year I am starting my seeds in the containers from plants we purchased last year, and from recycled yogurt containers. I just poked a few holes in the bottom of the yogurt tubs for drainage.

So bring on the snow! (Did I just say that?) Actually, I'd prefer that snow and the cold stay a way for about eleven months, but even if it is cold and there is snow, the gardening work continues.

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