Bi-Annual Clothing Sort

It is that time of year again; time for the Little Lambs clothing sale. This is a consignment sale sponsored by a near by church. They have three sales a year, two for clothing, and one for toys. The spring/summer clothing sale is next weekend.

There are so many things that I love about this sale. It is a wonderful place to both buy and sell nursery items, baby clothes, children's clothing, and even toys that are in good shape, but no longer used. The proceeds help several good causes. One of my favorite things about participating in the sale, though, is that it forces me into a regular schedule for going through the closets.

Left to my own devices, it would probably be July before I took a good look at the summer clothes and weeded out those that were too small or stained. Sorting clothes before the season gives me get a good inventory of what they have and what they need. I try to pick up clothing at the end of the season, but sometimes it doesn't get done or I miss something. Knowing what I need before the season helps to fill in the blanks with items bought at consignment and thrift shops, at sales, or for this season, early yard sales. Since most of my children have spring and summer birthdays, an early start also helps get those birthday lists started.

Closets and dressers, especially children's, have a tendency to accumulate things to the point of explosion. Having a regular schedule to de-clutter them makes the task more manageable and less of a burden. It also helps you prepare for the upcoming season. I am glad that I have a some external motivation to stay on top of these things! It works for me.

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