Branson - More than country music

When I think Branson, I think country music. I'm not much of fan, so Branson really was not on my radar of vacation spots. I was rather surprised the other day when browsing around Branson Getaways at the wide variety of entertainment options available there. Though there certainly are many options for country music fans, Branson has much more to offer.

In addition to country music shows, you can find magic, Broadway, and even opera selections on stage in Branson. There are theme parks, museums, the Titanic museum looks particularly interesting, and a host of outdoor activities. Of course, there also is shopping, and your standard entertainment such as mini golf, movies, and go kart racing. A wide variety of lodging options are also available.

I've never been to Branson, but it sounds like it has a lot to offer the whole family, even a family who aren't particularly fans of country music. Our vacations are pretty well set for this year, but it is nice to have some other options to consider for the future. Branson is within driving distance for us, and as you know I'm always looking for new, and affordable places to go.

Have any of you vacationed in Branson? What were your favorite places?

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Branson - More than country music + movie