Can't Beat Cici's

For cheap eating out, especially if you have children, you just can't beat Cici's Pizza. I'm not going to argue that it is the best pizza in the world; it's not, but it is better than adequate. The pizza is much better than the establishment that has $5 pizza's ready to go. My husband lovingly refers to those as cardboard and cheese for dinner.

They have salad, pasta, a wide variety of pizza, and dessert. One of my favorites there is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I have even made it at home a few times. If you don't see what you want on the buffet, they will make you a pizza to order and bring it right to your table.

Oh, you might want to know the cost. We ate dinner there over the weekend. The cost $10.58. That was with drinking water, and we only had our two youngest children with us. (They ate free.) I'm not sure if the prices are the same everywhere, but adult dinners at our local restaurant are just under $5. Children, over three, are around $3, if I remember right.

If you are looking for an easy and cheap dinner out with the family, Cici's is the way to go.

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Photo credit: John-Pittsburg

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Can't Beat Cici's + water