Cash for Trash

Do you recycle? Would getting paid to recycle give you a little incentive?

Scrap metal prices are pretty high right now, and our neighbors have turned us on to scrappin'. One recent trip to the scrap yard yielded about $500, which was split up between the people who helped with the project. That particular project required a bit of equipment (which we already have,) some knowledge of metals (the neighbor's specialty,) and a good bit of time. It isn't a project for everyone.

Everyone can recycle pop cans though. Aluminum cans are currently bringing $0.70 per pound at our local recyclers. Saving pop cans is easy, and a great project for the kids to take ownership of. Simply put out a bucket, trash can or bin for the cans. When someone drinks a can of pop, they just need to rinse it out and put it in the container. As the container gets full, empty it into a trash bag some place you can store them until you make a trip to the recycling center. Here, they prefer that the cans are not smashed, but you might want to check with your local center.

When you are out running errands anyway, throw the cans in the back of your vehicle, and drop them off. Yesterday my dad and Kellen dropped off five bags of cans (not smashed,) and received a little over $20. Not big money, but easy money.

Recycling your pop cans just makes sense. You can even make it a project for the kids. Recycling your cans keeps them out of the land fill, gives manufacturers the materials they need to make new products, and makes you (or your kids) a little spending money with a very small investment of your time. What's not to like?

Photo credit: laurakaz

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