Cleaning the Bathroom

I'm not a big fan of cleaning, and cleaning the bathroom is at the bottom of the list. Cleaning the kids' bathroom is even lower than the bottom of my list. I often have Kellen "clean" it for me, which means he gets the worst of it so I can just go in and shine it up a bit. He is still learning!

Today I was getting the girls ready to take a bath, when I smelled that unmistakable odor that tells you, "This bathroom is used by a two year old boy, who can't quite reach, but refuses to sit on the toilet to pee, or use a step stool." I thought, "I really need to clean this bathroom." Followed closely by, "I really hate to clean this bathroom."

Then I remembered how a friend of mine keeps her bathroom clean. She also has young children. She cleans when they are in the tub. The kids love to play in the water, right? Well, when they are little you can't just leave them in there. You are in the bathroom already, right? Just clean while you are there. Very frugal time management.

I took her advice. I filled the sink with water, and added a little vinegar. Very frugal cleaning supply. I grabbed a rag and started wiping. I wiped the sink, the mirror, the tile around the sink,the shower walls and shelves, the toilet and the floor around the toilet. Then I noticed the floorboard, and the toothpaste splatter on the door. It was a cleaning frenzy, all in the time the girls were playing in the tub.

I still need to do the tub itself, and the floor, but let me tell you, that bathroom looks (and smells!) a world better, and it was done in the time I would have been sitting in the bathroom anyway. This is going to be part of the bath routine now. I may even stash some rags and vinegar in there. It works for me!

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Cleaning the Bathroom + work