Consigning for a Cause

If you've been around here long, you know my fondness for consignment clothing stores. I love to buy there. I love to sell there. Recently, the store I had been using the most, closed. I was debating whether I should try another store or perhaps just use eBay, when I saw an ad in the paper for Lil' Lambs Closet.

This a fund raiser for a ministry at a church in a nearby town. No, this is not your typical rummage type church sale. This is a well organized, consignment sale. Items are checked over for rips, stains, wear, or missing buttons. Then are sorted by sex and size. You can see pictures here.

Sellers pay $5 registration fee, and receive 70% of the profits. In exchange for that higher consignment rate, (most stores pay about 50%) the seller volunteers for a four hour work shift, and sorts, tags, and prices their own items before the sale.

Lil' Lambs keeps 30% off the sale price and uses the money in their own church, but also donates to several other area organizations. They have two clothing sales; one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter, plus a toy sale in October.

I love this. It is for a good cause, and provides a service to the community. Although, it does require a bit more work on my part, I like that is all happens in one weekend. Instant gratification for selling my items! Plus, the percentage is higher than other consignment stores. When the sale is done, I can donate the remaining items to the ministry or pick them up to consign elsewhere.

If you live in the Hurricane, WV (and know how that is pronounced here!) area I encourage you to participate in this sale. I am not sure there are still seller spots available, but you could still be a shopper! If you don't live in this area, I will just offer it as food for creative frugal thought.

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