Coupon Code for Free Checks

I rarely use checks anymore. Shopping is done with cash or with a debit card. Bills are mostly paid online, but there is one monthly bill that I use a check for. Occasionally checks are also needed for payments when I don't have enough cash, and am unable to use a debit card. It takes awhile for me to go through a book of checks, but I do still need them.

Currently I find myself almost out of checks. I don't much care what my checks look like, the plain basic ones are fine with me, but even those are expensive when ordered through the bank. Time to look around for a better deal. What could be better than free?

I've mentioned Vista Print before as a source for free business cards. They also do check printing, and I found a coupon code to get 25 FREE CHECKS! The code is


Simply go to the site and select the check style you want, and enter the info. You can even get some of the fun and personalized styles for free. There are several pages of other offers to click through, but once you get to the checkout put in your coupon code. You will be charged for shipping. The cheapest is $3.99, so it isn't completely free, but still a good deal. Skip the offers that come after you order too, unless of course there is one that interests you!

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