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Part of the purpose of creating this blog was to use online earning opportunities to help pay down our debt. For the past six months or so I have averaged about $200 a month in earnings from a variety of online sources. Though I was aware of this average, I had lost track of the cumulative total, and of the running total from each source. I was surprised to see those totals when the 1099's arrived in my mailbox. A little bit here, and a little bit there really adds up over the course of the year.

There are so many places out there that you can work with to earn money online. I do not pretend to be an expert, but I am happy to share with you some things I've tried. Here are the sources that I have used, listed from the highest earnings for 2007.

1. PayU2Blog
With this company you are given a keyword with a link to incorporate into a post. Each assignment is worth $5. There also are product review assignments available periodically.
+ Easy. Consistent. Not dependent on page rank.
- Can not choose assignments. Low payout per post.

2. PayPerPost
You choose your assignments with this company. Each assignment is different in terms of requirements and compensation. The assignments that are available to you are largely based on the page rank of your blog.
+ Choose your assignments. Potential for larger payouts.
- More time consuming. Less flexibility in post content. Page rank is important.

3. Ad space
Creating the "Featured Sponsors" section on the sidebar generated a fair amount of income last year, and will generate even more this year. This space has been used in several different ways. It has been rented out for a monthly rate. It has been used to trade advertising for goods, and I have placed buttons there for companies in whose affiliate programs I participate. Currently it is rented out long term for a pilot program with IZEA.
+ Passive income once established.
- Finding advertisers. Limited control over content with some programs.

4. Affiliate Programs
I've had mixed results with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs pay you referral fees or commissions when readers click through your site, and sign up or make a purchase from the sponsor company. There is no payment just for the space as in #3. Some affiliate programs are direct, like Amazon, and others work through networks such as Link Share and Commission Junction. Most of my earnings that fall in this category are for referrals, such as for Ebates.
+ Pick and choose what fits your blog.
- High traffic needed to produce much income, especially for commission based programs.

5. Paid surveys
I have yet to find a good place to get paid for just taking surveys. I think this title is a bit deceptive for the site I use that falls in this category, Fusion Cash, but I use it because that is how the company describes itself. It really is a place to get paid to sign up for trial memberships. I posted a little more detail about this in $200 Toward Debt.
+ No blog needed. Get paid to try products.
- Time intensive.

6. Freelance Writing
I do a bit a writing for a couple of different websites. These jobs came purely from knowing someone who knew someone who was looking for a writer. I am still quite clueless about the world of freelancing, and still don't really consider myself a writer, but it is something I am interested in pursuing. Recently I was given a membership to Writers Market, a site that helps writers find freelance gigs. I'll let you know how that works out.
+Write about what you love.
- Low pay rate. (at least for newbies like me)

7. Blogsvertise
Blog posts for these assignments require three links, but allow a lot of flexibility with the content of the post. Assignments pay between $5 and $10.
+ Ability to decline assignments. Easy.
- Few assignments.

Of course earning money from your blog (or other online sources) also means paying taxes on those earnings. Keep track of the expenses associated with online earnings. Consult your tax adviser for details, but some expenses that may be deductible are hosting and design fees for your blog, promotion or giveaway costs, or the cost of internet service or other computer fees.

I am very much a part timer in the world on earning money online. I have a limited amount of time to invest, but am pleased with the earnings I do have time for. The main goal for those earnings is to pay off debt, but they have also helped make ends meet in some tight times. I hope sharing some of the sources that I've used is helpful for those of you who also are also looking to earn a little extra money from home.

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