For the Birds Thursday 13 #4

After not knowing what kind of woodpecker this was, and thinking a grouse was a falcon, I decided it was time to borrow A Field Guide to the Birds: Of Eastern and Central North America (Peterson Field Guides)

from the library. These are the birds seen from our kitchen windows.

1. White Breasted Nuthatch

2. Chickadee

3. Tufted Titmouse

4. White Throated Sparrow

5. Downy Woodpecker

6. Red Bellied Woodpecker (this is the one I misidentified before!)

7. Blue Jay (I know this shot is pretty far away. He is in the crook of the tree. Really!)

8. Rufous Sided Towhee

9. Cardinal (female)

10. Mourning Dove

11. Song Sparrow

12. The Mystery Bird. Anyone know what this one is?

13. Grouse

OK, I cheated on this one. I haven't really seen any more since the first one broke my window. I wouldn't mind seeing (or eating) another, but I sure hope it doesn't happen the way it did the first time!

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