Happy One Year to Make It From Scratch

One year ago today eight bloggers came together for a little contest. See that first gathering at We Made From Scratch! They tried something new. Some made breads, others tried their hand at new ethnic foods, and still others tried creating things with cloth and yarn. The contest was called Make It From Scratch.

We all had so much fun trying new things, and doing things ourselves that we decided to make it a regular event. The guidelines were changed slightly, and the Make It From Scratch Carnival was born.

One year later, Make It From Scratch is going strong. You will still see many of those original eight participating, but the carnival has sure grown since then. Now, there are 25-30 bloggers sharing ideas weekly. Over the past year more than 150 different people have submitted a huge variety of made from scratch ideas to the carnival. If you would like to browse through the archives simply click on the "Make it from scratch" label at the bottom of this post.

A huge thank you to all who have supported Make It From Scratch. Thank you to all who participate in the carnival by submitting posts. Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who have helped host the weekly event. And of course thank you to everyone who simply enjoys reading the carnival. You have made the first year of Make It From Scratch fun, educational, and successful! THANKS!

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Happy One Year to Make It From Scratch + things