Higher Page Rank = Paying Off Debt

Scribbit has several posts, geared to us non-techies, about increasing your blog traffic. When she does these, I always think, "I really should do that." but then never do. I am feeling a bit more motivated right now.

Have you seen Pay Per Post, the blog ad network, opportunity board lately? There are opportunities there now for up $1000! (Yes, that is three zeros) Of course, you need a higher page rank to qualify for those higher paying opportunities.

There are lots of opportunities, with smaller payments, available too for bloggers, like me, with microscopic page ranks. That is what is nice about Pay Per Post, there is something for everyone. That and they only take 35% of the ad money as compared to the 50% taken by some other companies.

It makes me wonder, if I followed the advice on Scribbit, would my page rank would grow? If it did, what high paying opportunities would be available to me? If I were able to take those higher paying opportunities, then how much sooner could we pay off our debt? Paying off debt, now, that motivates me!

When you write a post for Pay Per Post, you are required to disclose that the post is sponsored. Which is what this little button is for!

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Higher Page Rank = Paying Off Debt + work