Linking Up on Saturday

I wasn't able to get links posted earlier this week, but here is a quick list of some carnivals and other things that may be of interest to you.

Learning in the Great Outdoors. This carnival is full of great ideas to teach children about nature and the environment. Silvia was the host this week, and did an awesome job!

Festival of Frugality. Lynnae teamed up with this week's host of the Carnival of Personal finance to bring a Superbowl showdown!

Carnival of Recipes. It is all about pancakes this week!

Carnival of Money Stories. - A place to share personal stories about money.

All Foods Natural Newsletter - This month's newsletter is a good one; Prep ahead and succeed. Find ideas about planning meals, and preparing your meals in advance by canning or freezing them. There are also some great ideas for Valentines day and more!

Have a great weekend!
And if you're looking, here is a link for land for sale Branson.

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