Maybe I should share what I'm making!

What am I making for the contest? Like you've been telling me in comments and email, I'm not exactly sure. When I wrote about the contest, I was pretty committed to trying homemade noodles. I was thinking of making lasagna noodles. Lasagna is one of my favorites, so I thought that would motivate me.

But I confess, after telling you I don't sew (haven't since grade school!), I'm considering some sewing projects. There has been a lot of talk about aprons around the blogs I read. I could use an apron, and that doesn't look that hard to do!

I also saw this cute project at Home is Where the Kids Are. Lydia also tends to get too tall for her pants and she has a cute pair of bibs that I think would work well. Could I do that?

Phelan had several ideas, and put them to her readers for a vote. She got some good feedback. Looks like it is going to be homemade cheese, and she may even raffle it off. You might want to get in on that. I know I do!

What are some ideas you are kicking around? Are you looking for ideas? I'd be happy to help if I can. Let's all help and encourage each other to try something new.

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