Mopping the Old Fashioned Way

In attempting to live a more frugal and simple lifestyle, there are many things we've gone back to doing the old fashioned way. Most things have been intentional, such as growing our own food, canning it, and cooking from scratch. A few things, though, have happened quite by accident, like living without a microwave, and the latest old fashioned way adventure; mopping the floor.

Mopping floors is not a task I enjoy. It doesn't help that I've never owned a mop that I thought was worthwhile. Even ones that I thought worked wonderfully when first purchased, soon frustrated me because I couldn't get them squeezed out enough, or the head would start falling apart. Seems like you always need to replace the mop, and they aren't cheap!

My current mop is in a sorry state. A replacement has been due for some time now. The mop head is shot, and the mechanism that is supposed to squeeze out the excess water simply is not doing the job. I kept using it though with the intention of doing some research to locate the "perfect mop" before making another purchase.

Then one day there was company coming. The kitchen floor needed mopped; badly, and I still had cooking to do. There simply wasn't enough time to mop, and wait for the floor to dry. It takes a long time to dry with my malfunctioning mop. I resorted to a rag, and mopping by hand.

I was amazed at the difference. The floor looked so much cleaner when it was done by hand. The corners were clean. The edges were clean, and even the kick boards under the cupboards were clean. The kitchen looked great.

Mopping by hand takes a lot of time right? Wrong. I even timed it. The last time I washed my kitchen floor it took me just under fifteen minutes. I've never timed mopping with a mop, but I can't imagine that it takes much less than fifteen minutes. It took about another fifteen minutes for the floor to dry.

Mopping by hand is more work? Well you've got me there. It does require a bit more physical exertion, but I think of it as exercise. Exercise is something I could use more of!

Mopping by hand, like going without a microwave, may not be the way I do things forever. I could be seduced to purchase the right microwave or the perfect mop, but for now going without is working well for me.

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Photo credit: natr_illustration

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