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Our "discovery" about popcorn brands inspired me to test another tip I had heard about popcorn: it will pop better if refrigerated. Does it really work? Sunday night we put it to the test.

We started with two bags of microwave popcorn of the same brand. One had been stored in the refrigerator and one in a box on top of the refrigerator. We popped them for equal amounts of time. Just by looking at the popped bags, I really couldn't tell much difference.

We emptied both bags into the same sized bowls. The bowl with popcorn from the refrigerator looked slightly fuller, but it was still hard to tell.

We ate the popcorn and this is what was left. The bag from the box had about twice as many "old maids" as the bag that had been refrigerated.

So the tip held true. To get the most out of your popcorn money, store the popcorn in the refrigerator.

Our next popcorn test will be DIY Microwave Popcorn, as seen at Get Rich Slowly. I have a pretty good supply of microwave popcorn, so it may be awhile until I get to this test. Feel free to try it yourself and let us all know the results!

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