Not Exactly Frugal

There is a reason I don't buy packages of cookies or other junk food at the store. There is a reason that even though I like to bake, I don't do it very often. The reason being that this family has no self control!

In a moment of weakness I ordered four boxes of cookies from a Girl Scout we know. What was I thinking? I think the plan was to help a good cause, and to freeze some to ration them out. Yeah right.

Tuesday I exchanged $14 for my four boxes of cookies. Do you know how much I can buy at Aldi for $14?! Not a single cookie made it to the freezer. All that remains this morning is half a sleeve of thin mints. Yes, the six of us demolished those cookies.

Of course buying Girl Scout cookies is not exactly frugal, but it does help a good cause. So the only regret here is that we have no self control when it comes to those little and expensive cookies. I've done my part. I will buy no more. If I do I may have to look at investing in home gyms, and that I certainly can't not afford!

Photo credit: Kayak49

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