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PPP - Review My Post

Pay Per Post has announced a new program that pays you to review blogs you already read. Review My Post is open to most bloggers. You can even participate if you are not interested in writing any other sponsored posts. It is a great way to try Pay Per Post if you have been thinking about it, but are unsure about reviewing sites you don't know.

If you aren't part of Pay Per Post, why not review one of my posts? Get paid to write about a place you already visit, Stop the Ride! Just click on this button

Pay Per Post will guide you through the rest. Once you get your review up, let me know and I will link to it too. Be nice please! *grin* More traffic for both of us!

If you are already part of Pay Per Post, I encourage you to add Review My Post to your blog. From the "affiliate tools" menu, simply place the Review My Post button into your blog. Mine is at the bottom of every page. Your readers will be offered the chance to get paid to review your post in their blog.

Everyone wins. Your readers earn a few bucks to do a quick review of your post. You earn a few bucks too, while generating links and traffic to your site. It also helps Pay Per Post build their page ranking. I love it!

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PPP - Review My Post + make money on the web