Save on Seeds

I put my big seed order for the season in last week, and was feeling pretty good about the money I spent. I had a buy $25 get $25 coupon that came on the catalog. That can go a long when you order seeds. Those seeds (added to some manual labor) can go along way to feed my family. Yes, I was feeling good until my mom told me that I could have saved more using Ebates!
How many times have I written here to always check Ebates for coupons and rebates before you shop online?! I could have used my coupon and earned an 8% rebate for my Gurney's purchases if I'd thought to check Ebates first. I should have known.
Do as I say, and not as I do. Check Ebates before you shop online. If you are new to Ebates, it is simple to use. Search for the store or product you are planning to purchase to find coupons and rebates. Click through to the vendors site, and shop as normal. You will get a $5 sign up bonus, and your "big fat check" comes quarterly. Use the links on this site, and I will also get a $5 bonus for referring you.
Thank you to those who have previously joined Ebates using my referral links. I do appreciate it!

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