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If you've been around here long, you know my love for Aldi. If you do not have an Aldi near you, my condolences. There is only one person I know who loves Aldi more than I. Amy is the Aldi Queen. She loves the store so much she started a second blog dedicated to recipes made from ingredients purchased at Aldi. Worth a check even if you don't shop at the most frugal grocery store ever!

Festival of Frugality #63 is hosted at Stingy Students. Entries this week are arranged by Food Network stars. When we had cable, that was one of my favorite channels. Kellen went through a stage, at about 5, where he loved to watch Emeril. Funny thing for a kid to like, but that is my boy. My entry this week is filed under Jamie Oliver. I always liked his show too. As stingy student says;
... he seems to come up with random array of dishes out of nowhere, typical of the quintessential college student's cooking experiences.
Though I am far from my college days, "random array of dished out of nowhere" pretty well describes how I cook. Head on over to Stingy Students for some good frugal advice.

And remember I asked for your advice about a contest? Well, I was getting my entries together yesterday, and went over to Free Money Finance to check the rules again, and found the games had already started. The rules said we had until March 1st to get entries in! Apparently, they got flooded with entries, over a 100 for what was supposed to be 64 spots. I guess I was too slow. If you'd like to go check the articles, you can here. I really do appreciate your input on those posts, even if I am not using the information as I intended too!

Have you seen The Mom Blogs? This is a directory of moms who blog. Blogs are arranged by different interest. Stop over and check some new blogs out or add yours to the directory.

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