Speed Bake has Won Me Over

In our previous home, I had a vintage (1950's?) gas stove. Oh, how I loved it. Cooking with gas it the best! The oven was a bit small, but we tolerated that.

Then we moved. This house is all electric. There are no gas lines out here. I was forced to put my favorite stove, my cooking friend, into storage, and cook on electric. Oh, the torture!

I tried to be brave, after all, the stove is an almost new flat top range. It is nice, for electric, that is. I tried to get used to waiting for the burner to warm up and then remembering that it was still hot after I turned it off. I appreciated that it was easier to clean up, but I still longed for my friend who was in storage.

Slowly, my new stove began to show me that it had some nice bells and whistles, especially, with its' oven. It is much larger than the oven in my gas stove. I didn't have much hope for the self cleaning feature, those don't really do a good job, do they? Well it did. So easy!

Then I tried some of its fancy timers. I could stick dinner in the oven, set the timer to bake whatever time needed and then itself off. Or I could just tell the oven what time to turn itself off. How nice for Sunday lunches or those times I need to run outside to do something while dinner is baking.

Then, I found the feature that actually saves me money and time: Speed Bake. I had to find the user manual online to figure this feature out. It essentially turns my oven into a convection oven. How does it save money? You don't have to preheat. That alone can save up to 10 minutes of time and electrical use. And things cook up to 30% faster. Be still my frugal heart!

Speed bake is not for everything. It is great for roasts and casseroles. I love it for pizza. It makes things brown and crispy. I don't like it for breads and cakes. Overall, it saves me time and money, that I always like!

I still miss the cook top of my old friend, but the size and features of the electric oven are nice. The speed bake has won my frugal heart.

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