Super Bowl 2008

Did you watch the big game last night? I was torn on who to cheer for. I didn't really like or dislike either team. On the one hand I tend to root for the underdog. On the other hand it would have been special to see the New England Patriots get the perfect season!

It was on here, though I can't say I was exactly watching it. I was too busy "watching" the CVS ad and the coupons, but I did catch a little of the game and a few of the ads. What did you think of the Diet Pepsi ad? It made me laugh!

I think I could use some of that today!

If you are looking to download some of those tunes to your phone, you can find What is Love and much more at Find other fun tunes from
Busta Rymes
LL Cool J
Enigma Haddaway

I've always just stuck with basic ring tones that came with my phone, but I can see how it would be nice to have something different. It is funny when you you are in the middle of the store, your phone rings, and ten people look to see if it is their phone. I guess that would happen less if you downloaded another tune.

Anyway I had fun last night watching the Super Bowl in between coupon clipping. Tim and Kellen enjoyed it. This is the first year Kellen has really been into football. My baby is growing up!

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