We Made It From Scratch!

We did it! We did it! We really, really did it!

Ok, I have seen way too much Dora! Onto the contest entries!

My sister-in-law, Delilah, made extra special Valentines treats. I am wondering if she is planning to send some love down to West Virginia!

Heidi, aka Butterfly Mama, made one of my favorites, tamales. I have never tried them from scratch. I may have to now. They look so good!

Calzones were on the menu over at Marine Corps Nomads. Heather made the dough and the sauce from scratch. The recipe is here. The results here.

Think homemade butter, think wooden butter churn? Celeste, at C's Life shows us how easy it is to make homemade butter with the modern convenience of the a food processor.

My mouth is watering this morning thinking of the homemade cinnamon buns that Kathleen made over at Sage Willow School.

Chelle has triplets. How she makes anything from scratch I'll never know! She attempted to make Bushman Bread, like at the Outback. I love that while her bread was rising, they went out to eat! It was an interesting attempt. We are all laughing with you Chelle!

Cousin-in-law, Heather, made a hunting vest. Blaze orange polar fleece, love for a hunting man! Hope they get a freezer full!

Crystal was late getting hers in, but I let her slide! We WV homeschool moms got to stick together! *grin* She made some cute socks. I've always wanted to learn to knit. Crystal, do you want to teach me?

Thank you all for joining in. The kids will be picking a winner for me later today. If I missed anyone please let me know! Make sure to go see what everyone else made! What fun this has been!

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