Wedding Luxury Creep

My brother-in-law is getting married this summer. Tim and Lydia are in the wedding. Last time we were up there, Tim went and got fitted for his tux. It was expensive. I'm not complaining, it is important to his brother and future sister-in-law, we are willing to do it.

It brings back memories of all the planning, the bridal showers, the lists, the invitations, the 100's of details and the enormous cost. Weddings are big business, from invitations, to entertainment and food. I don't begrudge anyone having their "special day." If that is really a priority for you, and you have the means to pay for it, go for it! I wonder though how many of us (myself included) spent more on our wedding, because we thought that was the thing to do.

Way back in June, Wenchypoo had a couple posts about Luxury Creep. It basically boils down to, we always want more. What used to be luxuries are now considered necessary. Examples in my life time would be air conditioning, microwaves, and cell phones. (Am I dating myself here?)

Haven't weddings gone down the same road? When is the last time you attended a wedding that just had a cake reception. In my parents generation that was common. I think I've only ever been to one such reception.

Again, I don't have a problem with people spending money, when they can afford it, on things that are truly important to them. I think though that too often we spend money on things that aren't really important to us because it is the status quo.

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