What are you doing with yours?

Did you get your "big fat check" from Ebates? Mine hit my PayPal account last week, and it was the biggest and fattest yet, the majority from referrals, thank you! I hadn't touched the money, and fully planned to put it with some other money to make an extra payment on a credit card. Well, until Amy tempted me, anyway.

Did you see the absolutely adorable items she got with her big fat check? It got me thinking about my closet, and the minimal selection of presentable clothing there. I also considered that we are going to the beach in about a month, and my swimsuit is well, less than presentable. I hopped on Ebates, (starting that next big fat check,) and checked out the sales at Kohls and Old Navy. I found a swimsuit and a few other clearance items at Old Navy. I love shopping there online because of the $5 shipping on every order, and the easy return policy. Returns can be sent back for free, or easily made at your local store.

So thank you Amy for encouraging me to spend a little money on myself. It was needed. What are you doing with your big fat check?

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