What do you do?

This just may be the post that leaves you saying, "She has gone too far with this frugality thing." Maybe, but I am hoping that some of you may have had the same thought, and maybe even found a solution.

What do you do with the juice left after you eat canned fruit?

My children are big fruit eaters, especially the three year old. In the winter, that makes for a lot of canned fruit in the house. Nolan will easily polish off an entire can of mandarin oranges for a snack, and ask for more. The juice left in the can has long bothered me. I hate to just put it down the drain! The kids sometimes will just drink it, but since there is added sugar I am hesitant to make that a normal practice. Can you use the juice to make anything?

You've all given me good tips before, and I'm hoping you have some for this too! Or maybe I'm the only one that is so cheap they are concerned about wasting the juice in a can of fruit.

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What do you do? + make it