What to do with toilet paper tubes.

Last school year it seemed teachers at our homeschool co-op were constantly asking for toilet paper or paper towel rolls for projects they were doing in their classes. So, I started saving our toilet paper tubes. I accumulated quite the stash, and no one has requested toilet paper rolls for their classes in quite sometime.
So, what to do with all these cardboard toilet paper tubes?

Remember all my seedlings? They were ready for a bigger home. Toilet paper tubes cut in half make great little biodegradable containers for seedlings. I cut the tube in half, and stuffed the bottom with a scrap of newspaper. Paper towel tubes can be used also by cutting them in three pieces instead of two.
Simply Forties also used toilet paper roll tubes for starter pots. Instead of stuffing hers with paper, she cut the tube and folded it in a bit to create a bottom. See her post for instructions.
I still have a few more tubes, but I have lots of seeds yet to plant. My tubes will all be used, but in case you aren't starting seeds, and have a stash of toilet paper tubes to use, here are some more ideas.
Crafts Remember, that was what I was saving mine for originally. The Family Craft Section at has a huge list of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. Find crafts for all seasons, many holidays, and just for fun.
Make Fire Starters In Dryer Lint Fire Starters, it was suggested to me by Suz, that toilet paper tubes make excellent fire starters when stuffed with lint. I have tried this a few times since that post. They do work very well. They burn up a little faster than the ones I make in egg cartons, but they are easier to make.
Even More Practical Uses How to Reuse Paper Rolls has a great list of uses including keeping cords untangled, using them as hair rollers, and many many more.

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