What was for dinner? -Livin' High on the Hog

Tim commented to me the other day that I'd better slow down on the pork, or we'd have it all eaten by summer. We aren't going through it that quickly, but we have been eating quite a bit. Even though our home grown pork is leaner than store bought, all the pork we've been eating can't be healthy. My excuse? Well it does taste incredible, and everything else in the freezer is pretty much buried by the pork. Guess a freezer reorganizing job has been added to my to do list.
I did manage to get in two dinners this week that only used pork for a little flavoring, and there were two dinners that did not include any pork at all. Here are what our dinners looked like this week.
Saturday: (*)Grilled pork chops, (*) apple sauce, (*) green beans I love when we get an entirely home grown meal in! It doesn't happen often in the winter, but it is a a really good feeling!
Sunday: (*) Roast duck, sauteed cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy
Monday: (*) BBQ venison, coleslaw, rice pudding
Tuesday: (*)Grilled ham slices, peas, (*) corn
Wednesday: Mixed beans and (*) bacon soup, biscuits
Thursday: Baked potato bar with (*) bacon, broccoli, and cheese
Friday: Dinner at a friends. We brought rice pudding and pumpkin Amish bread (without the cranberries.)
(*) home grown
Because I'm such a good and submissive wife (and I don't want to clog all our arteries) I will cut down on the pork next week. What Tim doesn't know though is that we were just offered another hog for the cost of the processing (about $130). Very tempting...A good use of tax return money?

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