Video Surveillance for Liquor Stores

Liquor stores can greatly benefit from the security provided by video surveillance. Like convenience stores, they are often seen as easy targets for petty theft and can suffer major losses from thieves and other criminals. A smartly installed security camera system can help keep your liquor store safe.

Benefits of a video surveillance system

  • Easy to Install – Modern video surveillance systems are easy to install and maintain. Instead of calling in technicians with ladders and power tools, you can place the cameras yourself and configure them in minutes. Security systems with IP megapixel cameras are also reconfigurable, allowing you to change the layout of your system as your needs change.
  • Prevent theft and vandalism - Surveillance cameras in visible locations can deter thieves and vandals, and help authorities identify criminals who do rob your store.
  • Increased safety – Many liquor stores have problems with customers who abuse alcohol. Surveillance cameras can help keep your employees safe should intoxicated or disgruntled customers lash out.
  • Monitor multiple stores at once – If you own a chain of liquor stores, a surveillance system is a great option for managing security. PC based surveillance systems are able to store camera footage on a hard drive and broadcast it over the internet, so you can check up on your stores at any time.

Risks of Video Surveillance

  • Theft – Criminals who wish to rob your store may steal more than liquor. Security cameras are valuable and may also be a target for thieves. Be sure to have alternate security methods in place should a robber attempt to steal one of your surveillance cameras.
  • Employee Privacy – To protect the privacy of your employees, keep your surveillance cameras in public places like the sales floor and stockroom.
  • Power outages – Power surges and outages may damage your system or cause interruptions in your recording.

Configuration of Security Cameras at your retail establishment

Liquor stores vary in size, merchandise, and traffic. There are many factors that go into setting up a security camera system. Consider each of the following when setting up your surveillance system:
  • Risks
    • What kind of security do you currently have in place?
    • What is your largest security threat and how will a security camera system help?
    • How many robberies have you had in the past year?
  • Location
    • Are you located in a city, suburban or rural area?
    • Are you located in a college town?
    • What kind of neighborhood are you in?
    • Do other retail stores in your area have crime problems?
  • Customers
    • What is your average customer base?
    • Has your store experienced problems with alcoholics?
  • Size
    • How large is your liquor store?
    • How many customers do you serve?
  • Staff
    • How many employees do you have?
    • Do you have a high rate of employee turnover?
  • Laws
    • Is there a set of laws in your area that liquor stores must comply with?
    • Is your security regulated by local law?
    • Have you had problems with fake IDs and selling to minors in the past?

Security Cameras in Liquor Stores

A large liquor store in the Chicagoland area was robbed and ransacked, police used surveillance footage to help track down the thieves. Police used a combination of suspect descriptions from the footage as well as evidence within the store to lead them to a nearby motel, where they discovered more stolen merchandise. The three suspects were tracked down, arrested and charged for the robbery.

Scenarios – Why Your Alcohol Reseller Needs Video Surveillance

Repeat theft – You're the owner of a chain of liquor stores in a metropolitan area. One of your stores in a high-crime neighborhood has recently experienced several thefts. While you already have a system of analog CCTV cameras in several of your stores, you decide to upgrade to a system of IP cameras with an NVR. The NVR allows you to check up on any of your stores at any time without having to do extensive travel. When one of your suburban stores is robbed, the high resolution footage from your surveillance cameras helps the police identify and arrest the thief.

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