A perfect storm…

This afternoon saw some pretty violent storms pass through Melbourne. Really sorry to those who suffered damage or flooding. Luckily, we just caught the tail end of it plus I had a bit of warning. The brickie had been here earlier working on the back planter so when I saw the big black clouds roll in, I grabbed a tarp so I could cover his work. Just as well because it absolutely bucketed down for about half an hour! No hail or strong winds though (thank god for that). As the storm came through, I managed to get a few good pics before the rain came…

We are finally getting somewhere outside. The brickie has finished and we are very happy with his work, although he wasn't cheap so thankfully he was worth what we paid. He has done 2 brick planters in the front yard (which will have trees and shrubs in them), and the long planter in the alfresco.

Today we had the concrete edging done out the front, the style is like large pavers in dark grey and we are very happy with that also. Next we need to backfill the garden beds with good soil and fertiliser and plant them out, then stones on top. We haven't fully decided what plants to put out there, but G likes conifers so we will have a few of those I expect.

Tomorrow we have one of our nephews coming over to help with things like digging and moving bricks. We have used all the bricks that we need, so what is left are chipped and broken ones (to go to the tip) and about 500 good ones that will be sold on eBay. I am also going to install our stone letterbox tomorrow, which has been sitting in the garage for a couple of months!

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A perfect storm… + work