JD McPherson at the Great American Music Hall

I cannot sleep. As much as I'd like to fall into comfortable, warm, delicious slumber, it is impossible. Tonight, I have experienced JD McPherson in the flesh!

Through Facebook, I learned JD McPherson was going to be the support for Nick Lowe's short tour. Luckily, and very much to my surprise, San Francisco was on the bill. I made sure to purchase my ticket as quickly as possible. Good thing too, because it sold out.

I had hopes of being able to meet JD, so I slid my LP of "Signs & Signifiers" inside a plastic purple bag and carefully squeezed it in my shoulder bag, before leaving home. About 3 hours were spent waiting outside for the doors to open. Obviously, I was first for the general admission line. The time did not drag along. I chatted a bit with the second guy in line and posted online updates, as well as talk on the phone with my sister, which made time fly by. I had been hoping JD would roll in just like Nick Lowe did, but unfortunately, JD was already inside doing sound check.

The weather was horribly unwelcoming, but for some odd reason, I realized it made the show just much more cozy. When they finally let us enter the GAMH, I rushed towards the front and took the table closest to the stage. People with dinner tickets got to sit front center, which I thought was unfair. The table next to me was empty, closer to the stage, but I couldnt' sit there, which was pretty lame.

As I was spacing out in Dreamland, the women who sat at my table were suddenly ecstatic and fangirlish. I looked up... and JD McPherson was standing about 3 feet in front of me. Boy, is he gorgeous in person! Much shorter than I would have imagined, his voice is higher-pitched than I would have thought, hehe! I was nervous and excited to finally meet him; I quickly pulled out my LP from my bag and got my permanent marker ready. As usual, I didn't have a camera, but one of the women did and I asked if she could take one of JD and myself, and e-mail them afterwards. She gladly agreed.

I was a bit worried he would walk away after meeting the overwhelming throng of women, but luckily, camera lady announced it was my turn and said women stepped away. Now, I'll warn you, it got real fangirlish at this point because I was so damn nervous. The only time those type of nerves have presented themselves, was when meeting Wanda Jackson last year, Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones this year, and Chuck Palahniuk when I was 18.

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