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The benefits of maintaining an accurate inventory are by and large obvious. But there is one advantage that may not be so readily apparent. Reduction of employee theft! Proper management of inventory in a warehouse or in a business can dramatically reduce employee theft. Items in storage or on retail shelves can be stolen without the knowledge of the business owner if inventory is not properly tracked or monitored.

Don’t underestimate the resolve of a thief. They will find creative schemes to shuttle inventory outside the four walls. They thrive on chaos and deception. Product will be dropped in the trash. After the contents of that inside trash can are tossed in the outside container, an accomplice will rummage through the rubbish collecting the pilfered goods. Returned orders typically fall under the radar once returned. They’re sometimes carelessly set aside until the mound of boxes become unsightly or until customers scream for credits. By the time attention is paid to the returned order, somehow it’s gone.

Employee theft is an epidemic that directly reduces bottom line profitability. A 2016 report stated that Wal-Mart’s employee theft outpaced loss from shoplifting by a whopping 50%.

Are you vulnerable? Very likely, yes. The use of security cameras significantly reduces the amount of theft in any business. Not only do they serve as a theft deterrent but they also discourage inappropriate employee behavior and reduce litigation from fraudulent claims. A properly designed surveillance system can also be used as a highly beneficial management tool for many business owners and business managers. With today’s technology owners and managers can view their CCTV camera systems remotely via the Internet. Make inventory tracking easier by using the surveillance software’s tracking features to document highly trafficked store or warehouse items. Call MonitorClosely today and have a security professional perform a free site survey. Do not hesitate and call today, it could be costing you money!!

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