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I've been thinking about giving the blog a little spruce up. Overall, I'm pretty happy with its simple layout, but I've been considering a new header or perhaps creating a logo of sorts for this blog and another I've been considering starting. In the process I've realized that I'm a tech dummy when it comes to this kind of thing! LOL!

I did come across an easy place to make a logo, Vista Print. Their Logo creator contains I large number of ready to go icons. After you choose an icon to go with your text, it can be customized with different fonts, effects, and colors. In about fifteen minutes I came up with something pretty cute.

The logos are free when you use them on Vista Print products. It is $19.99 to download the logo package to use from your computer. Which is why I'm not showing you the logo I made this morning. Though it was cute, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to it yet.

The one thing I didn't see was a way to save my work to order later. Maybe if I had signed in before creating the logo there would have been a way to save it. I'm not sure though.

So why I'm on the topic of tweaking the blog, I'd love your feedback and ideas on the layout. What do you like or not like? I always appreciate your input.

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