Long Lunch

Packing your lunch is one of the best tips for saving money that I can give. If you work outside the home, packing your lunch only makes sense. Even if you eat cheaply, lunch can easily run five dollars. Five dollars times five days a week times times 52 weeks equals $1300 a year. Of course lunch from home isn't free, but leftovers feel like they are. Even if you buy convenience food for your lunches, they cost a fraction of the expense of going out to eat.

If you are with the family for errands or fun, eating out adds up quickly. If you have a family of six, like mine, eating out can take a huge chunk out of the weekly budget. It just makes sense to take a few minutes to pack a lunch, and save eating out for special occasions.

Packing your lunch can even be fun and stylish. Recently, Simply-Bags, makers of all sorts of personalized tote bags, sent me one their lunch bags to review. They sent me an insulated zebra lunch tote.

I have to admit zebra print would not have been my first choice, but the bag is cute, and came nicely monogrammed with the lettering of my choice. They do have a good selection of other lunch tote designs. I think the lunch cooler bag is rather cute.

I was nicely surprised by the size of this lunch tote. It is very roomy. It will easily fit a light lunch or snacks for the kids and I when we are running errands. I really like that it is large enough for that use, but still flexible to be folded down to store. Much nicer than some of the hard sided coolers that we have of a similar size. I do think that we will get a lot of use out of this lunch tote.

Eating out regularly takes a heavy toll on the finances. Packing lunch does take a little time, and around here by the time it is errand day, it also takes a little creativity, but it is time and energy well spent.

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