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Family movie nights are something we always enjoy. In the winter, with it being cold and dark outside long before the children are ready for bed, family movie nights are regular events. Thanks to the free Redbox codes that Amy provides, our family movie nights have settled into a fairly regular Monday night event.

Sometimes we lay a picnic blanket out and eat dinner while we watch the movie. Other times we all snuggle up on the couch. "Snuggle" is literal here with all six of us on one couch. The hardest part about family movie night is picking the movie.

It can be quite a challenge to pick a movie that all the children ranging from 10 to 2 will enjoy. The ten year old boy wants action, sci-fi, and nothing to do with anything that might appear to be kids movie. The six year old girl wants Barbie movies with princesses and flowers. Of course, the four year old and two year old must be able to enjoy the movie, and not be scared by it. It sometimes seems an impossible task, and I haven't even mentioned that the movie has to meet the standards of Tim and me.

I am of the opinion that ratings mean just about nil when choosing a movie for the family. Alright I'll concede that they are a beginning point, but there is so much more to consider than the obvious graphic sex, language, and violence content. What does the movie imply even if it does not actually show the deed? What message does the movie send?

We are especially careful about movies that imply that adults are idiots, kids have everything all figured out, and it is funny when they are disrespectful to adults. Don't my children do that well enough on their own without a movie to reinforce it?!

I'll get down off my soap box now.

It is my pleasure to share with you the trailer for a movie that will make into our family movie night line up; All Roads Lead Home The Movie It will soon be out on DVD. The trailer had me choking up a bit. You've been warned.

What are some of your favorite movies for family movie night? I'm always on the look out for wholesome and entertaining flicks.

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